Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Sweet And Lovely Birthday Celebration

 Emma knew how much Grace loved the Little House family set we gave Emma for her birthday so she asked if she could give her some peg dolls for hers. We contacted Erin at My Pretty Peggy to see if she could either paint a Little Women set for Emma to give her, or if she could do Anne and Diana. The Little Women set will appear at another time for sure. This sweet Anne and Diana pair really was very fitting coming from Emma to Grace! 
Like Anne and Diana they are indeed kindred spirits and bosom friends! 
 She was thrilled to receive this card again! Her friend (and pen pal) Alice had sent it to her too!  
 Dave calls this gift "a box of joy!" Our needle felting girl agrees! 
 Twenty-four bunches of wool roving courtesy of Happy Hedgehog Post!  
 We're hoping that lasts more than a minute! 
 And it wouldn't be a celebration or holiday without a book. 
 This gift was so fun to give her! Ever since the girls first saw these beautiful creations in my Instagram feed they have been dreaming of having elf dolls of their own. 
 I love this sweet smile on her face! 
 Adelaide in her "traveling dress". 
 Enchanted by the extra dress! "I love that she made a birthday dress for her, mama!" 
 This one, with it's additional darling pink freckles, was just the one Grace had been dreaming of. Brenda, over at Marmmie and Me, was an absolute delight to work with! And she even included an extra "birthday dress". When I saw this sweet dress on Brenda's Instagram I knew that Grace would love it. What I didn't realize was just how perfectly it would match this pink dress of hers! 
After gifts, and a breakfast of scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam, it was off for some birthday blueberry picking (as is our tradition)! 
When David arrived home that afternoon it was time for the birthday ring. Only four spaces for ornaments this year so we went with the two most favorite (the blueberries and the nest) along with the watermelon (for a pop of color) and the swan from last year. Love that the twelve only required one spot rather than two! 
 This is twelve. 
And no celebration would be complete without cake. Or, in this case, twelve cupcakes for her twelfth birthday (and yes we picked up up at twelve noon)! Twelve cupcakes on her twelfth birthday picked up at twelve noon felt very Gilmore Girls to us. It was a truly perfect way to celebrate this sweet girl of ours. David and I are finding it very hard to believe that next year we'll have a teenager. Each year seems to go by faster than the last! Happy birthday, sweet girl! We hope that you had a lovely day and that all your birthday wishes come true! xo 

Monday, July 16, 2018


Twelve cupcakes on her twelfth birthday picked up at twelve noon! 

Happy birthday, Grace Elizabeth! Thank you for making our dreams of becoming parents a reality and thank you for making the world a sweeter and more lovely place every day! We love you to the moon and stars and back and cannot wait to see what amazingness your next trip around the sun holds! xo 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

In Celebration Of David (And Ice Cream)

In which we celebrated National Ice Cream Day AND David's birthday today! Two birds, one stone and the perfect way to celebrate our favorite guy! The shirt he's wearing is his birthday gift from the girls. xo 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

On Our Way Home From Pilgrim Lodge...

We stooped in Freeport for lobster rolls (at Linda Bean's), a bit of exploring and "create your own doughnuts" at Frosty's. It was the perfect ending to their amazing week away! xo