Sunday, December 10, 2017

Day Nine- One Last Adventure

 New York Harbor. 4:45am Sunday November 26th. 
 Our wonderful adventure has come to an end. We'll happily carry all these memories with us for the rest of our days, but the entire trip went by way to quickly! Oh, and that's what you get when you ask Grace to "pout". The poor thing can't help but smile even when she's sad! 
 We docked near the Norwegian Breakaway. We watched this massive vessel being built on Mighty Ships and she was even more impressive to see in person! 
 Since we were arriving back in New York City while the Downton Abby exhibition was in town, we decided that we might as well get tickets to see it that day. Lunch with Frank and Brady was the perfect addition to our day in New York City. Good food with good friends after an amazing vacation really was the cherry on top of this sundae! 
 Before we entered the exhibit we were told to take as many pictures as we wanted! What a lovely invitation, and one that I didn't mind accepting at all! After all, it's not often that a special event like that invites you to do so. Below are a few of my favorites. The entire thing was lovely and we highly recommend seeing it if you are in the area while it's here. 
We spent a couple of hours soaking in all the beauty of Downton. The only way it could have been any better would have been for us to actually be at Highclere Castle. It was lovely to be transported back to Downton Abby before journeying back to Massachusetts. An absolutely perfect ending to a truly perfect vacation! xo

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Day Eight- Our Last (Sea) Day

 Saturday November 25th, was our last sea day. We couldn't believe how fast our cruise had gone! As we were getting ready to head to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for the girls appointments when I realized that I had forgotten to take a picture of the turkey towel art that welcomed us back to our stateroom on Thanksgiving night. 
 That afternoon, the six of us got dressed up and headed to the Royal Court Tea Party. It was a small gathering, with wonderful food and entertainment and lots of surprises for the girls (dolls and charm bracelets and books! Oh my!)!
 Since the girls were all fancy Grandpa Ron requested a few more pictures of them (and I couldn't resist being part of the paparazzi too!
 Our last night of chocolates and towel art. These days went by way too fast! 
The girls pose with Daisy during the "good-bye party." Until we meet again, Daisy! xo

Friday, December 8, 2017

Day Seven- Marvel Day At Sea

And so begins another gorgeous day at sea!
Emma was so proud to have won this hat in a game at the Oceaneer Club!
In which Emma and Doctor Strange chat. 
This Delta Gamma legacy looks perfect in her sailing outfit! 
Bam! Pow! 
Avengers assemble!
The girls were among the kids chosen to be in Doctor Strange's show!
The USO show was one of our most favorite! It helps that we often listen to the Glenn Miller station on Pandora so the girls knew just about all of the songs they sang!
In all honestly, I wasn't looking forward to Marvel Day at Sea. Maybe it's because I'm such a Wonder Woman fan and she's not Marvel (and therefor wouldn't be there) or maybe it's the fact that I don't really know much about Marvel superheros. Whatever the reason, I just wan't looking forward to it, but after experiencing it I can completely say that I enjoyed every moment. Once again, Disney never ceases to impress and everything about Marvel Day at Sea, was well, a marvel! From the little touches here and there (like the design on Dave's mom's coffee) to the character interactions, the events and seeing the girls on stage with Doctor Strange (a character I knew nothing about prior to this day) was incredible! I wasn't sure where the USO Show fit in until they linked it to Captain America. That show, along with the final one we saw the next night, was a family favorite! xo