Saturday, October 24, 2015

Of Kindred Spirits And Candles

Yesterday the girls and I met up with Patricia and Alice at Yankee Candle Village for some long overdue hugs and to dip some candles! The candle dipping fit in perfectly with our grade three early New England/farming block, and it also gave us the perfect excuse to plan an adventure with our kindred spirits who live in Albany. Yankee Candle Village is just about the halfway point between our two homes, so it really did work out beautifully all around! We had tried a couple of other times to meet up but fate would step in and make it so that we couldn't. This time, however, the stars aligned and we were finally able to make this long looked forward to visit happen!

The time passed far too quickly for the five of us. We had a lovely time dipping candles, exploring the store, playing in the snow, visiting the candle making museum, having lunch (those girls of ours sure don't mess around when it comes to dessert!) and taking pictures. We sure managed to fit a lot in to just a handful of hours! Thankfully we'll be meeting up at homeschool day at Old Sturbridge Village next month so we can do it all again soon!

Thank you, dear friends, for meeting up with us yesterday and for such a fun filled afternoon! We are so blessed and so grateful that our paths crossed and brought two such kindred spirits into our world! xo 


  1. Looks like a great time. Love seeing you my friend, great photo! xo

    1. Thanks, Kim! It was an absolutely wonderful day and was made even more special by me getting to be in one of the pictures (such a rare occurrence)! The girls did a great job taking pictures of us mamas! Looking forward to the day that there is a picture taken of you and I! :) xo