Saturday, January 2, 2016

And So It Begins

Today was the long awaited first day of ski team! The season was supposed to begin December 12th but due to less than stellar weather conditions the start was delayed until today. The girls are so excited and so honored to be part of the Dev Team at Wachusett Mountain this year! They will spend the next ten weeks perfecting their skills (and even getting a bit of a taste of what it's like on the ski racing team- something to aspire to down the road). 

They had an absolutely wonderful first day today! From 9:00-3:40 they are off with their coaches and teammates. Since we didn't get home until late last night we didn't pack them lunches as we normally will. Instead, we gifted each girl a card to use in the cafeteria today. Oh, how they loved having their own card and choosing their own lunches today! Since this would be the first time they were navigating a cafeteria situation without us we chatted with them about what to choose for lunch. Ultimately, of course, it was up to them, and so when we heard what they chose for lunch today we were very impressed (water, items from the salad bar and a sweet something for dessert)! 

David spent the day skiing and I spent the day hanging in the lodge. Normally he'll take them to practice each week, but with this being the first day I felt I needed to be there, too. There may be a few other times that I go for a half day, but since I'm not a skier and I don't have nearly enough to bring with me to fill about eight hours, it makes far more sense for him to take them. 

At the end of practice they both came off the mountain incredibly happy, incredibly tired and incredibly hungry. Once we got them a snack they perked up a fair amount and proceeded to tell us all about their day. Grace had quite a wipeout due to another skier completely crashing into her (she's ok thanks in part to her helmet, her coach and the ski patrol) and Emma and her (all girl) team came up with the perfect team name: Snowflake Girl Power! All in all it was an absolutely wonderful first day, and they are excitedly awaiting next Saturday already! xo


  1. So awesome. The boys start theirs tomorrow. I just finished packing the cooler. It is so full of food for two boys- crazy how much they eat while skiing.
    The girls look great and glad Grace is OK.

    1. Happy first day of the ski season to the boys! I am sure they will have a fabulous time!

      It truly is amazing how much gets packed! I always feel like we are moving in to the lodge for the day!

      Happy 2016! xo