Sunday, February 21, 2016

Eight Is Great!

Since we weren't going to be giving Emma her birthday present until after church we decided to give her some very special cards before we left for church. She was so excited to have a lovepop of her very own, and to receive cards from her Gramma Terri and Grandpa Gene and from her Grandma Joan and Grandpa Ron! 
 After church was over we asked Grace and Victoria if they would be willing to give Emma the first clue to her birthday scavenger hunt! The girls were thrilled to help out and Emma was so excited to be doing a scavenger hunt for her birthday gift! 
Headed home to get this scavenger hunt started! 
 "A new bike for me! In the bathroom?! Thanks, mama, daddy and Grace!"
 To celebrate her birthday this year she asked for a "teeny tiny party" and we were happy to oblige. We were even more thrilled that Lori over at Serendipity was willing to do such a small gathering! Beading (and singing) in that lovely space with friends this afternoon was such a perfect way to celebrate eight years of Emma! 
Grace's bracelet in progress. 

 Our gorgeous bracelets!

Rather than a birthday cake after dinner she asked for ice cream at our favorite place. 
What an absolutely stellar way to celebrate her eighth trip around he sun! We all had such fun, and everything about today was simply divine! Thank you, Mother Nature, for the most glorious February weather this weekend (which made the new bike for her birthday present that much sweeter) and to everyone who celebrated with us (both in real life and virtually)! All the cards, Facebook and Instagram messages, calls and texts really did make her day that much sweeter!

Happy Birthday, Emma Faith! We love you to the moon and stars and back and cannot wait to see what fabulous adventures and experience await you on your next trip around the sun! xo