Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thank You, Gramma Terri and Grandpa Gene!

This past Christmas my parents gave us a lovely set of luggage for our cruise later this year, and they gave each girl a gift card.  One was a Disney gift card (to use while we are away) and the other was a gift card to Michaels (that they could use now). Along with the gift card they were given they were also given one instruction- they'd need to share them. 

Grace and Emma absolutely love gift cards! They love having their own card and getting to choose what they'd like to use it for. We are always impressed at how they take their time deciding what to use their gift card for rather than rushing out to spend it. Often times, it takes them close to a year to decide what to spend their gift card on. However, when it comes to the Michaels card this year it only took sixteen days for them to decide what they'd spend it on! 

On Monday, after Emma and I dropped Grace off at dance class we decided that we'd go to Michaels to pass some time. We walked in and were instantly in awe of what we saw- a whole new fairy house section! Emma and I spent a good amount of time "oohing and aahhing" over each thing we saw, and it didn't take long before she said: "We have to bring Grace back here! We should use the gift card Gramma and Grandpa gave us for these things!"

And so, on Tuesday, we went back. Grace's reaction was just like ours (as we knew it would be). She was absolutely enchanted by each thing she saw!

They spent about thirty minutes taking it all in and choosing what they would spend their portion of the gift card on. Some things were chosen and decided against. Other things were chosen and kept. Emma ended up choosing a red table and chair and a little set of white dishes. "These will be perfect for my mouse and the house I just made her, mama!"

Grace chose a fairy house, a lamppost (that lights up) and a deer. 

And even better: I had a 50% off  email coupon to use too! 
Inside view of the aforementioned house for Emma's mouse. 
The mouse was given to her by Grandma Joan and Grandpa Ron this past Christmas.
There really couldn't have been anything more perfect for them to choose to spend this gift card on! It's as if my mom knew that this line would be there, waiting, for her fairy and fairy house loving granddaughters! Thanks, mom and dad! It was an absolutely perfect choice of gift for them!

And, it goes without saying, that a few more of these items will be appearing in their Easter baskets this spring! xo

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