Saturday, July 8, 2017

Scenes From Camp

The girls are home! We picked them up this afternoon and then spent the next several hours hearing all of their stories and looking through all the pictures that were on the CD they came home with. As we expected they had an absolute blast and were sad to have to come home so soon. "It wasn't nearly long enough, mama!" Judging by these pictures (and their multitude of stories) we can see why they are counting the days until they can return again next summer (and the summer after that and the summer after that and the summer after that)! 
Thank you Will, Sydney and all at Pilgrim Lodge for making this experience possible and so very incredible for Grace and Emma! The girls have definitely found a new happy place and will surely be going back for years to come! xo

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  1. How fun for them! I'm glad they had a good time at camp.