Sunday, October 29, 2017


Today was the second annual trunk-or-treat at church. We were all so hopeful that the rain would hold off, yet, sadly, after church ended and people were getting their car trunks ready for the kids it started to rain. Rather than have everyone outside in the chilly rain, it was decided that trunk-or-treat should turn into trick-or-treat! As such, everyone brought their displays inside and chose spots in each of the Faith Workshop rooms to set up their "trunks". Just like with trunk-or-treat, it was really neat to see all the different ideas that people had come up with! 
 Since the girls were dressing up as a deer and a fox, they thought that a "woodland Halloween" would be a good theme for our trunk. This entire display was created by the girls using items we had at home! They were also super inspired by the 'Teal Pumpkin Project' story from Sparkle Stories and asked if they could paint a pumpkin teal as a sign to all who stopped by that our treats were allergy friendly. The pumpkin looks much more blue than teal in this picture which is really funny since it didn't look nearly that blue in real life! 
In addition to gummy bunnies, we also gave out these "treats" from Sparkle Stories. We thought that this would be the perfect non-edible treat from our family since we love Sparkle Stories so very much! Here's to hoping that other families enjoy this treat as much as we enjoyed giving it! 

Meg poses with her simple (and now award winning!) "trunk"! 

Another "trunk" ready for the kids. 
Holly sets up her "trunk". This game was a big hit with all who stopped by! 
Marybeth and her wonderful (and also award winning) Nightmare Before Christmas "trunk"! And yes, she painted that picture!

Our fox and deer in the woodland!
Shortly after I started taking pictures the trick-or-treaters started to arrive. And since the girls were part of that group, and Dave had to work at Williams-Sonoma, I had to hightail it back to our spot! I'm sad that I didn't get more pictures, as there were many more wonderful trunks, but it was wonderful to put the camera down and enjoy seeing all of the kids as they came by. These two years of trunk-or-treat have been simply wonderful! We hope this is a tradition that continues for many more years to come! Happy Halloween and a blessed Samhain to all who celebrate! xo

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