Sunday, January 7, 2018

Holiday Charity Show Day

 Grace volunteered to make two sets of reindeer antlers for her ballet class's performance in the holiday charity show today. She's put the finishing touches on them this morning! 
 Finished! Craft foam for the win (thanks for the recommendation, Miss Nicole)! 
 This is what happens when you have to get tights out of the Rac N Roll. Our resident dance kitty instantly assumed the position! 
Thank goodness for lint rollers. Black clothes with a white cat simply do not mix! 
 Our tiny dancers ready for yet another holiday charity show! 
 Emma's musical theater class.
 Emma's jazz class. 
 Grace's ballet class. 
Grace's lyrical class. 

And so another holiday charity show comes to a close. Everyone danced beautifully and more money was raised for Andrew's Helpful Hands and more food collected to donate to the Hudson Food Pantry! Let the countdown to comp season and the recital begin! xo

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  1. Looks like fun and bonus points for Grace getting to use her new glue gun! :)