Tuesday, February 20, 2018

On Her Birthday Eve

It's crazy to me to think that tomorrow morning our sweet youngest daughter turns ten years old. One decade of Emma! How is that possible already?! In celebration of her birthday eve, as well as the glorious weather (68 degrees on February 20th?! What?!), we decided that a trip to Old Sturbridge Village was in order. As we walked into the Village Emma said to me: "Mama, this is the perfect place to celebrate my last day being nine!" 
Our first stop, of course, was the sheep. From the time she was one she has loved these sheep. 
 We stopped into the Fitch House where the girls made valentines, and where we also got to watch this very talented woman make some, too. 
 We also learned the history of the valentine and that they were not just given on Valentine's Day!
 After the Fitch House we stopped in to the Parsonage for some hot chocolate. It was made the way it would have been in the 1830s and was very delicious! 
 A quick stop into the Asa Knight store where we had a lovely chat with the shopkeepers before heading to the farm. 
 These two really need land and a barn of their own.
 After our day at OSV we came home for lunch and a bit of quite time before heading back outside in the glorious weather. We caught up with all the neighbors and stayed out until it was dark and we were all hungry! The girls had a quick dinner and then it was time for showers, bed and setting up the birthday ring. 
This year's additions are the fox and the bunny. Both a nod to Emma's Halloween costume this year (my dad kept teasing Emma asking her if she was a bunny)! I cannot wait for her to see these new pieces tomorrow morning! xo 

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