Thursday, September 29, 2016

On Michaelmas

Our Michaelmas Day started with cornmeal pancakes with blackberry syrup (because, according to tradition, this is the last day to eat blackberries until they return next summer) and ended with "Someone Else's Dragon" one of our favorite Sparkle Stories. In between, part of a Michaelmas verse was written into  main lesson books, and princess peg doll crafting was done. The girls and I realized, when I was tucking them in this evening, that we never shared what dragons we'd each like to deafeat over the course of the next year. It was agreed that we'd share our dragons tomorrow.

Our Michaelmas celebrations are always very simple, but always very meaningful. It's become a much looked forward to day in our family and a tradition that we will surely continue for years and years to come. Wishing you a Michaelmas full of courage and kindness today and always. xo

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  1. Love cornmeal pancakes! They taste really good if you put the berries right in as well, but blackberry syrup sounds wonderful. Glad you had a fun day!