Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Jump Rope Making

 On Saturday, the girls and I attended the Waldorf School of Lexington's annual holiday faire. We had gone for the first time last year and loved it so much we couldn't wait for fair day this year. As we walked around we were once again in awe of all the beautiful creations that were for sale. The girls had each been given spending money for the fair, and while they were finding many wonderful things they hadn't exactly found "that thing" yet. Until that is, we happened upon the room where they were making jump ropes! 
Each girl was told that they needed to choose three colors of yarn. The chosen colors (light purple, dark purple and red for Emma,. Light pink, dark pink and yellow for Grace) were then put into a bag and the girls waited for a student helper to come and get them set up. 

 The students working in the jump rope room would then run the yarn from one hook to the next until each was filled with the right amount of strands. Once that was completed they would get out this tool that they'd put the three strands of strands into, and then they'd tell the person whose jump rope it was to start turning the crank. 
 As the crank was turned the student helper would move the tool while slowly walking down the length of the rope. 
 Until they reached the end. 
 Once they reached the end they would cut the strands from the hooks. 
 And a new jump rope was born!
 It was a really cool process to watch happen!
These jump ropes were absolutely the perfect choice to buy at the fair this year! And, while I don't have pictures of them using them I can safely say that we have already gotten our monies worth ($10 for the medium size was perfect)! These are truly some of the best jump ropes the girls have every used. Should they offer jump rope making at the fair next year we may have to make the large size one-  perfect for two people to twirl and one to jump! xo


  1. This is seriously, seriously amazing! I love it. You live in a great area for neat places to see and do, Shel. xo

    1. Oh, dear friend, I so wish you all lived closer! You would love this fair! And these jump ropes are seriously the best ever! If they have them next year we may have to make on to send Alice's way! xo