Saturday, December 31, 2016

Our Year In Review

 What a year 2016 has been! In looking back over the pictures taken and blogposts written it was another truly wonderful year for our family. I wish we could say the same for our country and the world. 2016 sure was a heart-breakingly tough one for America and the world stage. 

This year saw the girls joining the ski team and Grace joining the Center Stage Dance Team (complete with sparkly jacket)! Emma was thrilled to receive her much looked forward to fountain pen and begin cursive when morning lessons began this past September.

We sent Emma on a fun-filled birthday scavenger hunt which began at church and ended when she discovered a new bike in the upstairs bathroom! A bike! In the bathroom! She's still giggling about that one!

I turned forty and Grace turned ten, and while we didn't end up having the party we had been thinking of ,we both had lovely and perfect for us celebrations in the end. Grace's flower shop birthday gathering will forever be a favorite!

And while the year for our family was generally good there were some sad spots, too. Early February saw us saying good-bye to our sweet guinea pig, Ginger. They handled her passing with such grace, compassion and poise, and as a result I do believe I watched the girls grow-up a little more that day, too. And we were incredibly disappointed  when Hurricane Matthew messed with our amazing surprise for the girls- a much longed for Disney Cruise. For as sad as we were we all agree that we can't help but feel that Hurricane Matthew may have done us a favor in the end as the re-booked cruise sounds even more amazing and magical than our original one would have been!

The four of us are excited to see all that 2017 will bring for our family. Dave will turn forty. Emma will turn nine (the last year our little family have someone with an age in the single digits). Grace will compete in her first dance competitions. And (knock on wood) we'll be cruising to the Caribbean before the end of the year!

And so, this brings to a close, the sixth year of sharing our many adventures and daily goings-on in this, our little piece of cyberspace. We offer many thanks to those who have supported us, walked with us, encouraged us and loved us this year (and always). You all make the journey (and our world) that much sweeter. 

Happy last day of 2016! May 2017 be full of peace, love, joy and understanding. xo


  1. What a wonderful year you had, and goodness 2017 is already shaping up to pretty fabulous. Enjoy my friend. Happy 2017 to you and your beautiful family. xo

    1. Thank you, sweet friend! Wishing you and Reece a 2017 full of all that you both love best! xo