Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hudson MA Rocks!

 On our way back to the car tonight we stumbled upon this rock on this bench. 
I had heard about this sweet activity from my friend Jen who, along with her family, has been participating in the rock hunt taking place in their town in Virginia. I am so glad to see that one is happening here too! 
As soon as I finished explaining about the rocks to the girls they had already come up with a place to re-hide this one. 
Along  with a list of designs to paint the rocks they want to hide. too. There is sure to be lots of rock painting taking place over the next few days! 
We didn't get into the Pokemon crazy last summer, and we didn't get into the fidget spinner crazy of last spring, but this is definitely a trend we can't pass up! In the words of Grace this evening: "I love this game already! It will get people to actually look around their world!"  

I couldn't agree more, sweet girl! xo


  1. I just read about this is a local publication. Totally neat. We just aren't on facebook to find a group. Have fun.

  2. This seems to have become a world wide phenomenon (which I love.) I saw someone in the UK find a beautifully painted rock. It did its job well- she was so happy and thrilled to return the favor by leaving her own painted rock for someone else to find and smile over.