Monday, March 26, 2018


Saturday evening found Emma and I with an Emma and Mama night out! What a treat to get to have a few hours with my favorite ten year old! We went to the mall originally to swing by Hanna Andersson and pick up the cardigan we had ordered for her for Easter Sunday. We figured since we were there we might as well walk around and see what we could discover. Since it was jut the two of us, and since I knew how much she had been wanting to ride one of these rolling animals, I decided that Saturday night was the perfect time to make that long held wish of hers come true. As we turned the corner near where the rolling animals were and as if on cue she said to me: "Oh I would love to ride on one of those someday! It looks so fun!" She could not believe her ears when I replied: "Well, how about tonight?!" That smile didn't leave her face the entire time! 
While we were at the Natick Mall, Grace was attending Newton Assembly's Rainbow Girls meeting. While Natick didn't get to steal back the pot of gold all the girls did get to meet some of the Newton firefighter who responded to the fire alarm that went off during the meeting as a result of the Masons cooking in the kitchen! 
Sunday saw the four of us actually going to church together for the first  time in months! It helps that  that Dave no longer works at Williams-Sonoma and that the ski team season is over of course. It was such a lovely worship service and the perfect way to kick off Holy Week. 
We scooted out of church super fast yesterday (so fast that I didn't get to say hello to anyone!) so that these three could get in one final day at the mountain together! The skiing was pretty good, I hear. With them at the mountain I had a chance to make sure that we have everything for the girls' Easter baskets for next Sunday. We do (yay!), and I  have to admit that these baskets may be my most favorite yet (which I'm pretty sure I say every year)!

We hope that each of you had as wonderful of a weekend as we did, and that those who celebrate have a blessed Holy Week this week!  xo 

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