Friday, June 11, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Today we were invited to tag along on a field trip with the playgroup that my friend Molly organizes.  They were headed to Davis' Farmland and since she knows how much we love animals and being outdoors she invited us to join in the fun.  I quickly accepted the invitation and anxiously awaited the arrival of today as if I was a kid waiting for Christmas.  If only the girls knew where we were off to, they'd have been as excited as I was!  We got up, got dressed, had breakfast and managed to get out the door and to the farm for 9:00am.  When we arrived, the girls were thrilled to see that we were at a farm, but they were even more excited to see that some of our best friends, Sarah, Meaghan and Owen were there too!  Sadly the weather was chilly and damp, which was a bit of a  bummer considering that the entire place is outdoors.  
We headed in and made our way to the hay ride. 
This is a Scottish Highlands Cow that I initially photographed for our friends Pat and Kim who spent five years in Scotland while Pat studied to become a vet. 
However, after I took the first picture, she decided to wander over to the wagon,
reach up, 
and have a bite to eat!
After the hay ride the children all got to feed the goats.  
The girls did a great job using "precious heart hands" (like we do at yoga) to feed the goats. 
Emma feeding a goat. 
Meeting a baby turkey.
Seriously, we need to move to a small farm. 
Baby goats are truly about the most fabulous creatures ever. 
With any luck, someday we'll have a few of our own. 

Emma sat on this rock for quite some time hoping that the goats would climb on her like they did to me. 
Finally, one climbed up!
And this sweet calf could have come home with us too. 
Emma was a big fan of Teddy, the Scottish Highlands Calf.  
"Mama, when I get bigger can I bring a bunny home?"
Grace showing off the heart she asked me to paint on her hand. 
Emma had a wonderful time painting polka dots on her arms. 
We had a most fabulous day and were so thrilled to have been invited to tag along!
Grace spent a lot of time this afternoon and evening talking about all the fun she had today, and I do believe that if Em had more words she would have been jabbering on along with Grace too.  The girls really would do quite well on a small farm, or even just some land with various animals. Hopefully some day we can make that dream come true.  For now, we will continue to enjoy our visits to various farms and other areas that have animals and local produce/goods.  

Thanks, Molly for a super fun day!
Have a wonderful night, sweet friends. 
We'll see you tomorrow.  


  1. That Highland cow is gorgeous!! Wow. (Don't think I've ever said that of a cow, before - not that I don't think they're pretty.)

    What is it with play and hs groups and their "Meet before or at 10am" thing?! Drives me crazy.
    Honestly. Isn't one of the benefits of hsing that things happen in a natural, unhurried fashion!?! ;)

    I always say "Probably not before 11:30." :)

  2. Stephanie, I totally agree! 9:00am was really pushing it for us! Our mornings are so mellow that whenever we have to get out "early" it always drives me batty!