Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Journey To Where It All Began

Today we decided to take a road trip to Plimoth Plantation (courtesy of museum pass from the town library).  When we left home it was a gorgeous, blue sky day, and yet the closer we got to Plymouth the cloudier and windier it became.  But as the good New Englanders we are we bundled up and continued on, determined to pay homage to where it all began.  All this month we have been reading lots of books about the First Thanksgiving and so it was a great field trip for the girls to see the place and meet the people that they have heard so much about. 

We learned that this dwelling is called a wetu. 
Heading to see where the Pilgrims lived. 
The girls loved seeing these chickens in the house!
We all loved seeing the chicks go under their mama to get warm!  She fit all six of them under there, it was absolutely incredible.  And yes, this spring, a flock of chickens is so in our future!
We had a great time at Plimoth Plantation, although there was not as much to do there as there is at Old Sturbridge Village.  The Plantation was very mellow, with not all that much going on today.  We are not sure if that is the normal vibe of the place or if the cold weather was keeping things from happening.  We loved learning that it's more polite to use the term "native people" when refering to the original inhabitants of this land.  And we loved learning more about what life was like before the settlers arrived. It was great to be there with Thanksgiving just a few weeks away.  Kinda brought it all in perspective, I guess you could say.  It is a place we will certainly return when the girls are older and studying about that time period. xo


  1. Awesome! And a great time of year to poke around there. Also, I am beyond excited to hear about chickens in your future. Feel very free to tap my chicken brain for any info you may need.

  2. Thanks, friend! I am sure that I will have loads of questions as we begin to research this!

  3. Shel! Can't wait to compare plans for chicken coops this spring :)