Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Fall Fun

Dave decided to tackle the last of the leaves today.  And the moment he put the leaf blower on the girls began shrieking with joy:  "Mama! He's making a big leaf pile!  Can we play in the leaves? Please?"   Coats and hats were put back on (we had just come in from a fair that was being held in town) and out we went. 
And even though the leaves took a little longer than he had planned, it was still lovely to spend the time outside (something that we never, ever pass up the chance to do).  With the last batch of leaves dumped in the compost bin we really are ready for the winter that is ahead of us.  Soon enough there will be snow being cleared and played in, and wonderful winter memories being made.  But until then, we'll bask in the glory that is the fall and the incredible life that we get to live and experience together each and ever day!  What a gift!  It is something that I am eternally thankful for.  

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