Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Autumn Nature Table

It happened totally by accident that we created our first nature table.  We have this beautiful half round table in our dinning room.  The table has always been one of my favorite pieces, and I have been looking for something to bring more attention to it than it often gets.  Above it hangs our wedding document and on it usually sits our Welcoming Spirit (a figurine from the Willow Tree line).  With having company the last few days the centerpiece from the dinning room table was often relocated to make space for whatever meal we were having at the time.  One night for dinner we moved the centerpiece over to the table and bam!  Our first nature table was born.
With how lovely this "accidental" one turned out, and with how often the girls bring in rocks, acorns, flowers, leaves and other bits of nature, we have decided to create a nature table for each season.  Our winter nature table has already been started with some holly branches (extras that did not fit around our advent wreath) evergreen boughs and pine cones.  As we prepare for the Winter Solstice and Christmas holidays we look forward to adding more to our nature table as the winter arrives and continues on.

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  1. Ours is that way, too. Accidental.
    Or was, anyway.