Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Memorable Birthday

Today is my birthday, but it will always be remembered as the day that Emma cut her own hair.  Yes, friends, that's right, Emma chose to celebrate my birthday by taking matters into her own hands today and chopping off about ten inches of hair from the left side of her head.  The funny thing is, last night I took a lovely picture of her smiling her great, big beautiful smile.  Little did I know it would be the last time we saw her with her long locks.
And a little over twelve hours later, a new look:
She was very proud of herself! 
"Mama, I cut my hair.  In my room.  Myself!" 

This was going to need some special tending to.  And it was one of the many times that I have wished that my parents did not live so far away.  After briefly toying with the idea of putting the girls in the car and heading to Connecticut to have my mom give Em an adorable pixie cut to go with her personality, I realized that it would be better to stay put and find someone local to do it.  The questions remained:  Could I find someone like my mom to do this?  And where would I find this person?  So, I did what any modern mama would do.  I turned to Facebook and within seconds had an answer.  According to our friend Steve, The Village Mane in Southborough was the place to go! I called them up, booked an appointment and we headed in.
We arrived and the girls were thrilled!  They had never been to a "beauty shop" (as they called it thanks to Max & Ruby) before and were so excited!  They checked out the magazines and chatted with the ladies as we waited our turn.  Finally, it was time.  We followed Debbie back to her area, she got all set up and then got right to work giving Em a beautiful new look.  The other stylists and customers were quite taken with the girls and chatted with them and reminisced as we waited for Em's haircut to be finished.  They all smiled that smile that welcomed me to the "club".  The smile that meant they had been through this too with their own littles back in the day.  Em did great! She loved that there was a little TV (tuned to The View, of course) and she loved that there was a mirror to look in while her hair was being cut.  She sat very still and would occasionly smile at her reflection.  As soon as Debbie had finished cutting her hair, Em smiled a great, big smile.  Clearly, she loved her new look! 
"Emma, you have cute hair!" -Grace
As you can see, Grace even got in on the action and had her bangs trimmed!
What a day it was!  Sunny, gorgeous (warm, finally!) and full of new adventures!  We are happy to report that we have found a fabulous new place to get haircuts and are looking forward to many more visits there.  Em has been proudly telling everyone every where we go how she cut her hair and went to the beauty shop afterward.  She is in love with this adorable new hair cut, which indeed fits her personality to a T!  When Dave arrived home this evening, they took me out to dinner at The Wayside Inn, where once again it was reported to everyone we met that she cut her hair.  It was a delightful day.  Full of sunshine, blue skies and time spent with my incredible family!  I am one lucky mama! 

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