Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Out With The Old

On Sunday our fridge (which was here when we bought the house seven years ago and was probably around eight or nine years old at the time) started dying.  We had a feeling that its time was coming, so it wasn't much of a suprise when we realized that it was not as cool in there as it had been prior.  We moved all the frozen stuff to the basement freezer (since that was where we first discovered that the end was near) and kept an eye on the fridge part.  However, by Monday afternoon there was no way we could deny it.  The entire thing was on it's way out. A quick phone call to Ben and Sarah to see if we could store some of our food at their house turned into them offering to bring over their "beer fridge" for us.  They are our heros! 
We'd forgotten how much you could actually fit in a fridge this size!
Dave took the day off on Tuesday so we could head to Hudson Appliance to choose a new fridge.  Before leaving for the store, he decided to see what was going on behind the fridge. It was then that he discovered it was leaking freon.  Great.  Off to the store we go. 
And no sooner did the deliver men leave than did Grace get right to work switching the magnets she and Emma had decorated the beer fridge with to the new fridge.  Evidently this is what you happens when your beloved Aunt Kaitlyn is an interior designer!
Now that the new refridgerator has had a chance to cool off the girls and I will begin the task of finding spots for all the food.  I bet it will look super empty in there as there is way more usable room in this fridge than was in the old one!  And somehow, I am sure that lots of popsicles are going to be eaten now that the freezer is on the bottom.  Maybe we should have considered that before we bought it!  

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