Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scaredy Cat

Today the girls decided that it was a good day to wear their Halloween costumes!  And seeing how it was the fifth consecutive day of rain, why not?!  Little did we know that by Grace putting on her cat costume that poor GretchenGrace would be totally freaked out!

The scene: a ladybug and a cat having breakfast (in other words, just another run of the mill day in our house).
Here comes poor, unsuspecting GretchenGrace...
Who truly did not know what to make of seeing Grace as a cat!
She totally froze as soon as Grace turned around.
And clearly became more unsure the longer she looked at her.
This poor cat was so freaked out!
She heads closer to the stairs...
The ladybug then attempts to help, but Gretchen is not having it.
Notice how she is peeking around the corner!
Poor, poor GretchenGrace!  She would run up the stairs, cry and then come back down to stare at Grace some more!  She just could not figure this out!
It sure will be interesting to see how she handles Halloween this coming October!

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