Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Emma Goes To "Camp"

Today was Emma's first day as member of the Drumlin Farm Community Preschool's Crickets Class!  She will be spending her Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at "camp" (as the girls have taken to calling it since it's at the same place where Grace went to camp for the first time this past summer).  It's such a different type of program that "school" does not even seem to truly be the right word for it.  So much of their day is spent outside, and one out of the two days that she is there is spent doing farm chores.  It truly is the perfect fit for Emma! 
She fell asleep on the drive to Drumlin Farm, which was good since she was clearly nervous about this new adventure that was beginning. 

We went in and found her cubbie. She seemed to love that she had a spot all her own in this new space of hers.
After she put her stuff in her cubbie we headed outside to see what her friends were up to.  The teachers had set up some watered down water color paints, brushes and paper on one of the picnic tables.  Some boys were already painting and chatting, clearly catching up from their time apart over the summer.  Emma became very shy and very nervous.  We looked around.  She spotted the chicken coop (the chickens weren't in it yet) and then headed over to the table where the paints were.  One of the boys looked at Em and said: "I love your Wonder Woman shirt!"  She sat down, took it all in and painted a little.  We gave her kisses and said good-bye, reminding her that Daddy would pick her up and headed on our way. A little bit into our drive home Grace said to me, "You know, Mama, I think Emma is going to have alot of fun!"  It was amazing how she knew exactly what I needed to hear at that very moment.  And just as Grace had predicted Emma had a wonderful day!  When David picked her up this afternoon she said to him: "I had fun today, Daddy!"  And honestly, it doesn't get any better than that! 

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