Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nightime At The Farm

This past Tuesday night was the Drumlin Farm Community Preschool's Fall Social.  It was a perfect October night, a slight chill in the air but not too cold otherwise, and it was crystal clear. 
After a little playing around with camera settings,
and playing with friends,
It was time to head down to the farm yard. 
Do you see the moon?
First stop: The sheep and goat shed. 
Goodnight goats.
Goodnight sheep.
Next stop: The red barn.
Goodnight Midnight the Pony.
Next stop: The pig barn.
Seeing how many littles it will take to reach the weight of a boar.
Next stop:  The chicken coop.
Goodnight little chicks.
Goodnight Chickens.

It was a most magical night!  One that will surely be a favorite memory for years to come.  We were so sad that David could not be with us, but were so happy that my Mom was able to come up for this very special night. It was really lovely to walk by lantern/flashlight on such a peaceful night and visit our animal friends.  And while we all agreed that the animals were most likely wondering what we were doing there at that late hour, it was indeed lovely to get to peek into a part of their world that we don't usually get to see.  Thank you animals for sharing your world with us.  Sweet dreams!


  1. I cannot believe that this is a school. What a gorgeous place for a child to spend time! I want to go there! I want to just sit in that barn and smell the scents of the earth and listen to the creatures settling in for the night. This post made me long even more for more land of my own to be able to create the environment I want for me and my children. Unfortunately there are not many little farms along the train line (at least not ones that I could possibly afford!)

  2. I know! Isn't this place amazing?! I so wish that we had been able to send Grace, it would have been a much better fit for her than where she went! Although, where she went surely served the purpose to confirm what we already knew about how we wanted to live and raise the girls. So I guess in a way that worked out too! This experience is SO much different than Grace's and is a million times better! Such a good fit for Em and our family and even more exciting is that we are not the only homeschooling family there! There are two other families with littles in Em's group too! You and your girls would love it there! Someday you must come up and we'll take you over to Drumlin Farm! We'd be happy to share this special place with you!