Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Sweet Ending

What's a better ending to a fabulous day than ice cream for dinner?! 


  1. American Girl! That was where we went to celebrate every birthday, every year. Now my girls are getting too old and they don't ask to go much anymore. We have seen plays, bought matching nightgowns, had brunch and we still wait for their Dad to get out of work in the book area looking out over 5th Ave. There is nothing better than little girls, their dolls, a place that celebrates both and ice cream for dinner!

  2. Any time you need an American Girl fix my girls would be happy to go with you! We are so thrilled that a few years ago an AG store opened here in MA not too far from where we live! We have truly loved going and dreaming and getting a bite to eat (though we prefer to just go for dessert, as that really is the best part)! We were surprised to not see the historical dolls do dine with in the Bistro this last time. Regardless we had a blast! What a magical place!