Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kindred Spirits

These two sweet littles have been friends since the very first moment that our two families met at co-op this past fall. It would end up being the only semester that we attended, but we are forever grateful for that semester 'cause it brought with it the kind of friendship where you feel like you have known each other much longer than you really have.  As if it wasn't enough that all our children got along swimmingly (and that us mamas did too) it turns out that they are radical unschoolers as well! Having a family of like-minded friends so close by has been such a treat! Everytime we get together it's just delightful. So sweet and easy and fabulous.  It has truly made the journey that much sweeter!

The last time that we were all together the girls decided to get dressed up in these sweet dresses.  And while Jean and I have always remarked at how much Grace and Ali look like sisters it was even more evident when they were dressed alike!  Such a sweet picture and one that will surely make a reapperance many moons from now when they are planning their weddings!