Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Promise

Today we created a family promise.  Over the last month or so we have been working through some big "it's-not-always-fun-to-be-an-adult" kinda stuff (a new job on the horizon and exploring the possibility of moving, amongst other things) and it's really taken a toll on everyone.  Our usual peaceful, mellow rhythm and wonderful family vibe have been hiding as of late, and it occured to me that now was the time to create our family promise.  I have always wanted to do something like this but have been waiting for the girls to be at ages where they could be active contributors instead of just passive observers.  After a less than stellar morning (seriously, we should never try to get out of the house for anything before 10:00am.  It's just not pretty) I decided that today was the day.  With paper and markers in hand, we sat down to talk about our family and what is important to us.  To make it official we all signed it (isn't Em's signature fab?!) and we decided to hang it on the fridge.  Now, just to find that 8x10 magnetic plexiglass picture frame my mom gave us awhile back. I know it's around here somewhere (with any luck it's with the still missing skeleton key)!  


  1. Looks awesome and frame worthy!

  2. Such a great idea!!! I can definitely see something like this in our family once our little man is a little older. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Something to count on is nice! :) Hopefully the girls will feel better!
    And the signatures are darling.