Monday, April 2, 2012

Emma And Wallace: A Love Story

I took these pictures at the end of February and for one reason or another never got around to posting them.  For some odd reason it seemed like it was never the "right time" to share them with everyone. Until today that is.  I'd like to introduce you to Wallace.  Wallace is the beloved Miss Emily's wonderful hound dog.  He holds a very special place in Emma's heart and as a result (or one of the results, really) we never leave art class sooner than thiry minutes after class has ended (the other reason being that Miss Emily and I are clearly kindred spirits and never miss out on a chance to chat and share all the wonderful stories from our week with each other).  Emma adores Wallace and I think it's safe to say that the feeling is mutual.  From the minute art class ends, Em hightails it over to Wallace and spends as much time as possible chatting, petting and just generally loving him.  When it's finally time to go, she always gives him three kisses: One on his head, one on his back and one on his tail (oh, how I wish I had been able to capture those moments).  And sweet, wonderful, patient, gentlemanly Wallace just stands there, proud to have a friend such as Emma.  It truly is a sweet, sweet friendship!


  1. The connection children have with animals continues to amaze it!

    Seems like the perfect friendship.

  2. This is going to show up as Grace....but it is Jess. Grace would never be up this early!

    There is something magical about the relationship between children and dogs. When it is exists, the bond is truly of friendship. This dog is too darn cute! (and tall!!). I bet he loves the attention as much as she does.....

  3. These are so incredible! What a stunning pair; I can just feel their bond through these photos! When she's a woman she'll remember her first real love and will be so glad to have this record of their bond!

  4. Thanks, friends! This was such a special series of pictures to get to take. So simple and yet so full of love and happiness too. I am thinking that I actually need to print them out and frame them for Emma and Miss Emily both. :) The bond between children and animals is just amazing!