Saturday, April 28, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Wednesday night, as David and I were in the beginning stages of making dinner and talking about our days, we realized that there was an awful lot of scurrying about going on.  All of a sudden there were two girls who were a flurry of excitement: "Mama!  We're making a lemonade stand!"  "Can you help us make a sign?"  "Sure, baby!  How about if I write it down and you copy it?"  "That's a great idea!"
"Oh, no!  We forgot to put a lemon on it!"
"Now, we need customers!"
"Would you like some lemonade, sir?"
"Five cents, please!"
"Thank you, daddy!"
"Yay!  Our first customer!"
Still super excited from making their very first sale, they get ready to help their next customer (me).
"Would you like some lemonade, sir?  I mean, mama!"
"Here you go!"
I have been trying to put my feelings into words about what it was like to watch them create their very first lemonade stand.  To say that we were amazed by what we were seeing is pretty much an understatement.  I don't know what the correct words would be, but I will say this; I am so completely grateful that I was able to document it with pictures.  They are some that I will indeed treasure forever.  David and I just sat back and watched, helping only when asked and taking pictures along the way.  I kept thinking to myself that I wish we lived in a bigger neighborhood so that they could set this sweet stand of theirs up and have more than just their Daddy and I as customers.  Then I found myself wishing that the grandparents lived close by so we could have called and had them stop by.  Regardless, the wonder of this moment with stay with me forever.  Watching these two sweet sisters, best friends really, hatch a plan and work together so beautifully is truly the cherry on top of the sundae that is this life.


  1. They are so very adorable. And I'm so glad you mentioned the importance of documenting through photography. Too often photo bloggers are dismissed as taking the easy route out (ha! do they have any idea just how much work it is to produce photos for a blog?) or that a blog full of photos is somehow saying less or that the people behind the cameras are somehow less present, less in the moment. Well, I disagree. It's absolutely clear that you were soaking in every moment and you won't regret (and neither will they) having taken these gorgeous photos of their first lemonade stand.

    1. Thanks, Amy! Easy route?! Oh my gosh, anyone who claims we take the easy route has clearly never done what we do! :) So much can be said through pictures, no words needed in many cases! I don't feel less in the moment at all behind the lens. In many ways I think it has helped me be a more present mama. Sure, there are plenty of times that I deliberately put the camera down. Sometimes you just gotta get out from behind the lens, ya know?! I love how much of their childhood has been chronicled. I love how much joy our days bring to other people and I love soaking in the life, love and wonder of other peoples days (and getting a glimpse of things to come from those who have older kids)! Thanks for being one such family! :)

  2. this is so sweet. my kids have had several lemonade stands and they are some of my favorite photos and memories. as usual, your music combined with the pictures, makes me want to cry. it is all so fleeting. it is over so fast. mine are 10, 8 and 6 - and i feel time speeding up.

    1. Thanks, Amy! This was so much fun to watch take shape! I can't wait to see how many more lemonade stands are created this summer and for many summers to come!