Monday, April 16, 2012

The Last Few Days

Oh, have we ever been busy!  There's been a lovely new haircut, planting, art class (with horse back riding!), a trip to Old Sturbridge Village for Girl Scout Day and lots and lots of cleaning and organizing and getting ready for the warmer weather (which was not photo worthy).  I had originally thought that each of these lovely events would garner their own blogpost, but I have been feeling like I am always a good few days behind lately and then things that I want to post don't get shared.  So, in an effort to "get caught up" and since we're inside seeking some relief from the unseasonable almost 90 degrees that it is outside right now I thought a "last few days" post was the way to go.  Here's to hoping that your last few days have been jam packed and full of wonderful moments and memories!  


  1. that must've been so much fun for the girls! thanks for sharing these pictures, it would've been a shame if you didn't have the chance to post all of them. good idea to make one big post!

  2. Busy and fun from the look of it. Great photos, love the first one. Such a great haircut.

  3. Thanks! I was so happy that this post worked out well too! Too much good stuff to not share! :)