Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Celebration

Today was the one year birthday of Kids on the Common Pediatrics.  And to celebrate one year of having owned her own practice the girls beloved doctor and her fabulous office staff held a little celebration to mark this very special occasion.  I told the girls about it over breakfast this morning and they decided to make cards to bring to Dr. Rugo and also asked that we get some flowers too.  The girls spent quite awhile this morning hard at work on their celebratory creations and were so excited when it was finally time to bring them to the party. 

And while we've only been one of Dr. Rugo's families for about four months now in that time we have truly felt so welcome, so at home and part of such a very special community. From the moment that we met her and her staff we knew that this was the practice for us.  There is something very unique about Dr. Rugo and her team.  The vibe when you walk in there is one of peace, love, joy, and a total belief in the children and families that they work with.  It is a partnership between this office and each family.  It is a truly beautiful thing.
Any doctor who gushes over each of her patients as if they were her only ones is a special person indeed.  
Any doctor who genuinely "oohs" and "ahhs" over a picture a child has lovingly made for her is a special person indeed. 
Any doctor who takes into consideration the whole child (and not just the medical portion) is a truly special person indeed.  
And any doctor who takes time out of her day to celebrate with her staff and families a milestone such as this is a special person indeed. 
And, as if the girls were not already over the moon to be there this afternoon there was face painting and temorary tatoos as well.  How cool is that?!
Happy first birthday, Kids on the Common! We look forward to many more wonderful celebrations together for years to come!


  1. What a lovely practice she has. And she seems like an amazing lucky you are.

  2. Thanks! I am so glad that we found her practice. We had one doctor early in our parenting journey that was just as special as Dr. Rugo. Sadly she moved out of state and we were left wondering if we'd ever find someone as awesome again. It took a little bit of searching but thankfully we finally found her! :)