Monday, September 10, 2012

And Really It's *All* Learning

The following is the status update I posted on Facebook this afternoon about the pictures above.  Since it summed up my thoughts perfectly I thought I'd share them here as well: The girls have gathered all the magnetic letters we own and are sitting in a nest (that they made out of our curvy boards and pillows the bear) sounding words out and spelling them, creating new ones and asking for my help only when they are their most stuck. I love how they come up with these things all on their own. I love how they will try and try and try and then find me when they have tried everything and need help. I love how learning is so interwoven into our days that it's hard to tell what's learning and what's not (and really it's*all* learning)! I love all our days (even the crummy ones) and living this incredible life with these amazing people. What a gift! ♥


  1. That must have been so amazing to watch. How blessed we are that these moments take place in front of us, rather than with someone else in a place far away where we would not see the wonder every single day.