Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tools To Create With

Happy Not Back to School!  We have slowly but surely been getting into our autumn rhythm around here and with that came the purchasing of some lovely new art supplies and a beautiful wooden box for them to reside in.  As many of you know I have been dreaming about a cabinet to organzie all our art materials in.  One that allows the girls to get whatever they need to create, but until that is able to become a reality I thought we'd start with this lovely carry-all.  We love art and there is rarely a day that goes by where the girls don't create something.  I have been wanting to be able to give them easier access to the art supplies, especially those we use most, and this lovely wooden box has allowed them just that.  Ever since the day that the supplies were put into this box creating lovely works of art has been on the increase.  Every morning they have started their days by grabbing the box and going to whatever the chosen spot is and putting pencil or crayon or marker or scissors to paper and just creating.  Their creations have been simply lovely and we are eternally grateful for things like blue painters tape, magnets and clothespins with which to hang them up with.


  1. Love the long roll of paper. It reminds me of the movie Beezus and Ramona where Ramona and her father draw the longest picture ever. I bet it kept them focused for hours!

  2. We love that movie! And yes, they could get lost in creating for hours! It's one of the many times I have wished that our two families lived closer. I could just see all our girls, laying on the floor, creating together! :)