Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Costume Party

This past Saturday the girls were invited to their friend Sarah's 7th birthday party.  While it was a pirate themed birthday party costumes of all kinds were welcome.  The girls dug through the dress up bin (note to self: add pirate items into bin) and put together what you see above.  "Pirates need butterfly fairies and wedding girls, mama".  "Sounds good to me, sweet girls!"  And off we went to spend an afternoon celebrating one of the girls best friends.  It was a glorious October afternoon full of playing, laughing, eating, boucing, pinata hitting and treasure hunting!  Thanks for including us in the festivities dear friends and happy birthday to Miss Sarah! May this be your best trip around the sun yet!


  1. Very sweet- love the cape and wings! Pirates definitely need fairies and wedding girls!