Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Morning. 7:40am.

What a storm!  Hurricane Sandy has come and gone.  No sooner did I post yesterday than our power went out.  We heard the transformer pop and that was that for roughly the next 26 hours.  I do have to say that we really had a fabulous time sans power.  Thankfully we are not a family that struggles to unplug.  Sure, we love to have light in the darkness, and we do love to check in with the world via Facebook, but it is lovely that we're able to unplug and take it for what it is too.

Dave and I were first up this morning thanks to the sound of a lone chainsaw in the early morning darkness.  They were working on the tree that had fallen at the end of our street, trying to make the road passable for the morning commute.  No such luck.  Traffic was blocked from that end of the street and rerouted a different way for the entire day (and the evening commute as well).  The girls were up next and there was much playing, laughing, snuggling and chatting before we went downstairs to see what destruction Sandy left in her path.  While Dave set up our outdoor kitchen, the girls walked around saying their good-byes to the fallen leaves, branches and trees.  "How will we fix them, Mama?"  "When will they come back?" were questions I spent the day fielding as we drove around town (and the neighboring towns too).  A library trip, complete with super heavy library bag, made the morning pass beautifully, lunch at Wegman's, a late afternoon play date with the neighbors and a lovely dinner with some of our dearest friends rounded out the day.  All in all, it was just another fabulously lovely Tuesday!

To those of you who experienced this storm too: we hope that you made it through safe and sound.  That you are finding light in the darkness to be lovely, and looking forward to having a completely normal day tomorrow.  To those of you still without power: we send many good vibes your way and hope that life is back to normal for you soon, too.  You will be in our thoughts and prayers.