Thursday, October 11, 2012

Someone To Watch Over Me

Tonight I had a Girl Scout leader meeting to attend, and since Dave works late Thursday nights I needed someone to come hang with the girls.  Thankfully there is a super sweet family who has two awesome teenage daughters who the girls absolutely adore and one of the girls was able to come over tonight.  Sammi, who I have known since she was a first grader and I was a teacher in her elementary school, is absolutely fabulous.  Watching her with the girls (and how excited they get to see her) reminds me so much of the many times (back in the day) when I would take care of Hannah and Sarah (one of whom is now married)!  The girls pretty much kicked me out of the house tonight so they could have Sammi all to themselves.  Before I left I couldn't pass up a chance to take a few pictures of the three of them doing their nails.  It was to fabulous not to!
Thank you Sammi for being such an awesome friend to the girls and such a fabulous babysitter!  We are truly blessed and eternally grateful to have you fill such an important role in the girls lives!  They are looking forward to your next visit already! 

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