Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our Hopes For The New Year

Last night we ate Chinese food, had snow cream for dessert, watched "Happy New Year, Charlie Brown", took what seems to have become our annual New Year's Eve picture, and shared our hopes and dreams for the upcoming year.  Sharing our hopes for the upcoming year rather than making resolutions that never get kept is much more us.  And it's really amazing to look back and see how many of the hopes that we set forth last year came true (just about all of them did)!  We also filled out these super cool time capsule sheets (which we'll be doing each year from now on).  It is a simply lovely way to spend the last day of the year and has truly become one of my most favorite days.  

"My hope for this coming year is the same as always: to make sure that you and the girls are happy." "And I'd like to learn to make a barrel."

In 2013 I hope to:
-master knitting. 
-become better about folding the wash. 
-finally reach my Weight Watchers goal. 
-that we continue to live, love, learn and grow together.

"I hope for chickens!"
"I hope to learn to ice skate and ski." 
"I can't wait to become a Brownie Scout!"

"I like to read."
"I want to do horse back riding." 
"I love to color."
"I like to hug and carry Albert." (our dog)

This year our watchword is kindness.  We all agreed that our world could use more kindness and we thought that we could help by sending more of it (than we already do) out into the world.  

Happy New Year, friends!  May your year be filled with much love, peace, joy, happiness and kindness.  


  1. Love and light to you & your beautiful family, my friend, today and all through the year. (I love Emma's hope for chickens - I am hoping for the same thing this year!) xo

  2. How lovely! Chickens...hmmm, are you getting some :)

    All the best my dear friend, I hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you and your family.