Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Year In Review

For anyone that has been following this blog for any length of time, or at the very least since this time last year, you may remember that I used this same graphic for last years "Year in Review" post.  The message of this graphic is one that speaks so deeply to us, and one that really should be shared year after year after year (and probably will be here on our blog).  It's the perfect way to end each year, really.  

For the four of us who get to share our days together in this lovely old farmhouse 2012 was a pretty great year. Sure, there were some things that we could have done without, but on the whole 2012 really was a banner year for us. 

This year saw: a new job, the addition of two guinea pigs to our ever growing menagerie of animals (stay tuned for chickens this spring!), our first family camping adventures, our 10th anniversary celebration (and what a fabulous time it was!), both girls becoming Daisy Scouts (and me becoming a leader), a new church home, and getting more and more connected within our community of like minded families.  I really feel like this year saw us become even more of the family we've always been and were always meant to be.  

Outside of the peaceful bubble that is our one sweet world, the rest of the world took quite a beating this year. And we all know that the tragic events in Newtown earlier this month about did me in. I really hope that 2013 brings much peace to our nation and the world as a whole.  It's truly long overdue.  

Tonight, we'll be dining on Chinese food (as we do each New Year's), sharing our hopes for the upcoming year, choosing our guiding word for 2013 and filling out these fabulous time capsule sheets.  Check back tomorrow to see what we came up with!

We wish you a most wonderful New Year's Eve, dear ones.  We'll see you in 2013!  xoxox

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