Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Sweet Tradition

It wouldn't feel like Christmas if we didn't decorate cookies with our dearest friends.  We've been decorating cookies together for the last few years but this was the first year that we mamas could step back and not be so hands on during this project.  Help was surely given when requested but it wasn't requested as often as, say, last year even. It's amazing how one simple year can bring so much change! Of course, it probably helped that the cookies were pre-baked this year so that we did not have to mess around with cutting, baking, cooling and then decorating!  There was indeed much snacking going on while the decorating was taking place.  When the kids were sufficiently sugared up off they went to go play leaving Sarah and I with the chance to chat while we decorated (and subsequently ate) cookies! 


  1. can 4 children keep a table that neat and organized while decorating cookies?? You should see what my two do to the kitchen when they bake/decorate. I don't mind because they are old enough to clean up their own mess but wow! I am impressed!

    We do cookies the 23rd with Greg's sister.

    What a "sweet" day making Christmas memories with friends.

    1. Crazy, hunh?! Especially when you consider that it's four kids under six-and-half years old! :) They are such a great foursome! It's seeing these four together that makes me wish Dave and I had taken the plunge and had a couple more. Thankfully, I can borrow Sarah's any time I need a "large family fix"! :)

    2. Oh (and this is why I wish there was an edit feature on these comments) I meant to say have a blast on the 23rd! Can't wait to see pics!