Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

Last Night...
This Morning....
Last year was the first year that we celebrated Saint Nicholas Day.  It was not something that Dave and I grew up celebrating, and while we had heard about it we never considered starting this tradition in our family.  Feeling inspired last year we gave it a try and loved it so much that we decided to continue celebrating it from that point on.  Sadly, it totally snuck up on me this year.  And while we were able to acquire nuts and chocolate in time, I had forgotten that I wanted to have a little something wooden for each girl from Saint Nicholas, as well as apples instead of clementines.  Things to remember for next year!

Before heading to bed last night the girls left their shoes out and Dave read then this Saint Nicholas story .  This morning there was much excitement in the land as each of the girls came down the stairs and discovered what Saint Nicholas had left in their shoes!  

Since we had recently brought a food donation to our town's food pantry we decided that our act of kindness would be donating warm hats and gloves to the food pantry.  This way a few more people would be warm this winter!  We hope that you will join us and help spread a little bit of kindness to those in need in honor of Saint Nicholas and his caring ways. 


  1. Happy St. Nicholas Day!!!! We enjoyed our day, and did the same as you, picked up some hats and mitts for some little ones.

  2. We are clearly two peas in a pod! :)