Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Stockings Were Hung

This year the stockings have found a new home.  In the past we've hung them on our lovely bookshelves, but in all honesty that never seemed quite right.  I had been wanting to find a new location for them but until yesterday I had no idea where to relocate them to.  Thanks to this post on Amanda Soule's blog a new home was finally found for our very fancy stockings.  While Dave was reading to the girls in last night I quietly moved the stockings.  He came downstairs and was really quite impressed with their new location. "Wow! I like that a lot better!" he said.  And I have to agree.  It really is a very perfect location for these stockings of ours.  That Soule Mama sure is one smart cookie! 


  1. We moved ours as well. Traditionally they always hung from the mantle but this year our Christmas Village takes up the mantle and there is no room for our PEACE stocking hangers. So I moved them to the stained glass window sill which is on the stairway wall. Sometimes little changes make a big difference. I love your house. It looks the same period as mine....1930s??

  2. I bet they look gorgeous next to the stained glass window! There is some discrepency about when our house was built. It was listed as 1920 but when we had our home inspection done before we bought it our home inspector (who is very knowledgeable in regard to antique homes) said that 1920 was not right, it should be more like 1900. Turns out that there had been a fire in the town hall in like the 1950s (or thereabouts) and many records of homes in the town were destroyed so they just labeled them all as 1920. So, chances are really good that our home is as old as our house inspector said. The only thing I would change about this house (other than moving it to a different town) is that is in need of a fireplace. There may in fact be one behind a wall somewhere but if it is we'll never know!