Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Smiles::Spreading Christmas Cheer

Tonight we went Christmas caroling. It was the first time that we've done this as a family and we had an absolute blast!  I remember many a Christmas caroling adventure from when I was a kid, and I knew that the girls would love this.  Since the church that we've been attending for the last few months had a Christmas caroling night scheduled we figured why not go along and help spread some Christmas cheer.  We met at the church, found our assigned group and off we went caroling to a couple of houses before heading to one of the local nursing homes for some more singing and a little reception.  There we got to chat with the residents and serve cookies.  The girls were such gracious hostesses and had a wonderful time offering cookies to everyone (I wish I had taken some pictures while they were passing out cookies).  It was such a great way to give back to a group that has given so much during their lifetimes.  And I know that it's these experiences, these adventures that will stay with the girls for years to come.  


  1. What a lovely experience. The residents must have overjoyed to see your girls handing out cookies. You gave them a gift that day!

  2. Thanks Jess! They had such a great time with the residents and the residents got such a kick out of these two little girls in their fancy dresses!