Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Last Day, Daddy!

Friday was the end of an era.  It was David's last day working for the company that he had been with since right before we got married.  He was there for ten years, and in that time he served first as a staff therapist, follwed by a stint at the Director of Rehab to then return to working as a Physical Therapist once again. In his time there he has seen people come and go, patients pass and the building go through a total renovation.  We walked through the Land of Inferility while he was there.  He was a graduate student while he was there.  I birthed two babes while he was there.  So much has gone on in the (almost) ten years that we have been married and in the ten years that he worked there.  And now, after what, in the grand scheme of things was a relatively short job search, he will be getting ready a week from today to begin a new job full of new challenges and new adventures. 

The girls and I had been planning a celebration for him for about two weeks now.  Emma asked that we have streamers.  Grace said we needed a cake.  I decided that a banner was in order.  So on Friday, we got to work.  We decided to make our first "not from a box" cake. I had been wanting to ditch boxed cake mixes for awhile now, and it seemed like now was as good a time as any to do so.  A fitting way to celebrate the end of this era and the beginning of a next one, if you will.  We got out the Flour bakery cookbook and quickly agreed on the cake you see above (recipe found here).  While the cake was baking we got to work on the banner and streamers.  And as the cake was cooling we made the super yummy ganache (and licked the bowl clean, of course). Finally, he arrived home.  The girls hid inside the Flower Shop and jumped up and said "surprise!" as soon as he walked in.  He was super surprised by the celebration and very excited to see all we had done!  It truly was the perfect way to end this chapter and begin the next one!


  1. I agree, the perfect way to celebrate.

    All the best to your hubby on the next chapter.

  2. Exciting! Good luck on beginning your new chapter as a family.