Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best. Shower. Ever.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Emily shared with me a fabulous idea she had for us celebrating our friend Sarah's soon-to-arrive third baby.  "Let's see if we can have Ben arrange a message for her and while she's there we'll take her kids and have all of our children design and paint onesies for the new baby!"
Even us big girls got in on the action!
It was easily the best shower ever!  Kids chasing chickens (more on that in another post), painting onesies for the baby to be (who should be arriving in the next couple of weeks), mama-to-be not there at first because of a massage appointment, hangin' out with super fun families way later than we all planned, and dining on some of the most delicious guacamole we've all ever eaten!  All baby showers should be this low key and awesome!  Thanks Em for such a brilliant idea! 


  1. So much fun and such a great idea. Love it!

  2. how fun! i love the idea of painting the onesies, very cute. and i agree, a relaxed and low key shower or any kind of party will make for everybody to have the best of times, even the host.

    1. Seriously. Best. Shower. Ever! The paint that we used is actually silk screen paint so it won't wash off! Such a great idea!