Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Trip Around The Sun

This morning I woke up to sunlight streaming into our room, the birds singing and two sweetly sleeping littles.  I headed downstairs to enjoy the peace that comes with a still sleeping house.  As each of my family members woke they wished me a "happy birthday" and we settled into a lovely rhythm to our day.  We had breakfast (blueberry pancakes), played outside, brought Em to Crickets and then Grace and I hatched a plan on how to spend our afternoon.  "What would you like to do today, sweet girl?"  "Well, mama, I would like to go to a toy store."  So I thought for a minute.  Not wanting to miss out on spending this day outside as much as possible, and wanting to honor Grace's request, I quickly realized that there was only one place to go: Concord center. For those that have not been Concord is such a beautiful New England town, one steeped in history, and its center is just perfect for a day such as this.  We wandered in and out of shops (and yes, we made it to the aforementioned toy store), strolled through a very old cemetery, tried on some hats, stopped for some ice cream and walked hand in hand up and down Main Street.  We chatted along the way about all sorts of wonderful things that pop into the mind of an almost six year old girl.  Once our time in Concord was done we picked Em up and headed home to a lovely dinner and more time outside.  It wasn't an over the top birthday by any means but honestly it was the kind of birthday that we like best: A quiet day with family celebrating the birthday person and the beginning of their next trip around the sun.  Thanks to everyone for all the cards, Facebook messages and phone calls.  All your sweet words and birthday wishes helped to make this already stellar day even more spectacular!  


  1. Happy birthday Shel!!! Glad to hear it was a lovely day.

    All the best on your next trip around the sun!

  2. Thanks, Kim! So far this next year is off to a great start!