Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Moon

One of the things that I have always wanted to be able to take a picture of is the moon.  The camera I had before my current one was not quite strong enough, and I had been wondering for sometime if my current one would be able to handle the task too.  With the Supermoon last night I was determined to see if I could make this dream a reality.  With Grace and Emma by my side I began to take pictures trying various settings.  Would using a different appeture work?  Or what about maybe changing the shutter speed?  And while those may be fine options (especially for those who are more skilled than I or people who are lucky enough to own DSLRs) it was not doing the trick for me.  Finally, I landed on "night landscape".  I clicked and captured the first shot you see above.  That's it! I finally found the right setting!  With much excitement I put the camera down promising myself that I would return to take more pictures of my beloved moon once the girls were tucked in their bed.  After we sang "Twinkle, Twinkle", read Grandfather Twilight and copious amounts of hugs and  kisses had been given to my sweet girls, I headed back downstairs to try my luck again.  Would the results be as good as they were before?  Would they be better? Or would my luck have run out? Just as I snapped the second (even more amazing) picture Dave came walking in with DQ (the confetti cake Blizzard is super yummy, by the way) and remarked: "Well, look at that, baby!  You finally got your moon picture!"  And with that we went to enjoy our ice cream and bask in the glow of the beautiful supermoon. 


  1. The moon was awesome last night. I was thinking of taking a picture but couldn't get to it from our backyard. Great photos.

  2. Thanks Rosemarie! My mom said that they couldn't see much of it in Bethany on Saturday night due to all the cloud cover! She was so bummed to miss out! Glad that you got to see it! Hopefully the next Supermoon you'll be able to get a picture! :)