Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Froggie Friends

Yesterday my dear friend Jean sent me a Facebook message asking if we'd like to come visit and see the frogs that her girls found.  Since we never pass up a chance to hang Jean and her littles I wrote back a resounding "yes!" and we made plans for this afternoon.  The girls were over the moon to hear that we were headed to see their friends today, and were even more excited when we arrived and were introduced to Fruit Salad (the big frog) and Charlotte (the smaller one). They watched them for a bit before disappearing with their friends to play.  Thanks for having us over, sweet friends and for introducing us to these adorable frogs!  We are so happy we got to meet them!


  1. How fun!! My little man has been catching frogs everyday around here, he can't get enough of them.

  2. I wish that we had frogs at our place! I have so many wonderful memories of catching frogs growing up and I know that my girls would have a blast getting to do that too!