Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Introducing Sugar and Violet

A few weeks ago a friend of mine from high school posted on her Facebook page that she was in need of a new home for her families two guinea pigs.  They were moving and were not able to take them along on their new adventure.  Having had a couple of guinea pigs as pets when I was a kid I chimed in and said that we would be happy to take them.  Originally she thought that they would be leaving in September but their departure date got moved up and so we hatched a plan that involved her dropping off the piggies at my parents house.  Since I was waiting on a friend of mine/doula client to have her baby we were not able to scoot down to be there when they were being dropped off.  Finally, the baby was born and our schedule was out of its holding pattern that happens when I have a doula client.  After some discussion it was decided that the girls and I would head down to Connecticut (apologies to all the friends and neighbors that we did not see during the brief 24 hours we were there) yesterday to visit and pick up the newest family members.  The girls had no idea that there was a surprise waiting for them.  They were simply over the moon to be heading to Gramma and Grandpa's house for a visit (though the surprise awaiting them would surely be the cherry on top of the sundae)!  We arrived, chatted, had some lunch and then Mom and I brought the girls upstairs to see the surprise she had waiting for them.  From the first moment that Grace and Emma laid eyes on them they were head over heels for Parsnip (renamed Sugar) and Ginger (renamed Violet Ginger after we told the girls about my friend, the piggies and the three kids who previously snuggled them).  Violet and Ginger have barely been put down since we introduced the girls to them.  They seem to be very happy to have some kids to snuggle them again, and they did great on the two hour car ride home today.  Thanks to JoAnna and her family for having us adopt their very sweet piggies.  We are so happy to get to be their new family and will surely keep you updated with lots of pictures and stories!  


  1. Aw, I'm so thrilled for you all! Those two girls are adorable and in the obvious caring hands of your sweet daughters. Our two piggies Beatrice and Annabelle wheek welcome!

  2. Love the piggies! I love the sweet sounds they make when they are happy. I am sure yours will be squeeking all the time!

  3. Thanks friends! These piggies are just the sweetest girls and have settled in beautifully! They are the perfect additions to our family!