Monday, August 27, 2012

Bunnies and Ponies and Chickens! Oh My!

This Saturday we went to the 4H Fair for the first time.  We had no idea such a fair exsisted until the girls brief membership in 4H this past fall, and when a message was posted last week on a homeschool yahoo group about this very fair it was a nice reminder that we had wanted to go check it out.  We arrived and the first thing that the girls spotted was the horses.  We spent a fair amount of time talking to one of the women who was a leader for a 4H equine club.  She was so sweet to the girls and even gave us the "backlot tour" of her clubs horess.  From there we swung by the bunny section, "ooh"ed and "aah"ed over the adorable rabbits before heading into the Poultry Barn.  Grace could have easily spent the entire day in that barn looking at  dreaming about chickens.  Pony rides and rainbows painted on arms and cheeks just made the day even that much more fabulous.  And of course, no trip to a country fair is complete without a visit to the sheep. Em has always had a soft spot for sheep and it won't surprise me when the day comes that she has some sheep of her own.  We were all surprised that there was no baked goods or home canned goods being judged at the fair.  It seemed like the only thing that was missing from what was a classic country fair!  All the clubs did a great job and we were really impressed by how professional everything was.  It was a perfect way to spend a glorius late summer day.


  1. Thanks friends! It was such a lovely day! And of course it only further increased the requests for chickens that we recieve from Grace each day! :)