Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Next Up: Pasta Sauce!

This is what 150 pounds of tomatoes looks like.  Fear not, only 70 pounds were ours.  The other 80 went to our dear friend Sarah. 
We still have about 20 pounds of tomatoes left to turn into ketchup, but seeing how we ran out of jars we figured it was a sign that we should leave that project for another time.  


  1. That kinda looks like my kitchen on the weekend :) We only did 8lbs as that was all the was ready in the garden. I peeked out there today and it looks like I will be making some more in the next few days :)


  2. Just think of that fresh sauce during a blizzard! A little bit of summer sun in the middle of winter. Yum!

  3. And that Jess is what keeps us going! When we are elbow deep in tomatoes and really wanting to be done we keep thinking about how good all this is going to taste in the middle of the winter! Works every time! :)