Monday, August 13, 2012

Peach Picking

"That's a big cobbler, Mommy!" 
Last Friday the girls and I went to Carlson Orchard to do some peach picking.  We had wanted to wait for David to be able to come with us but with him working all last weekend (and our 10th wedding anniversary celebration this coming weekend) he said we should head to the orchard without him.  Other than the orchard staff we were pretty much the only people there, which was totally delightful!  We quickly picked three boxes of peaches (and discussed all the wonderful things we would make with them), and if it wasn't for a couple of sweet gentleman walking by who offered to help carry them to the store we'd probably still be there trying to figure out how to move them all.  The ladies in the store then helped us carry them to the car.  On the way home Grace said: "Mommy, my rose of the day is that we went peach picking and so many people helped us!" It was indeed a rose filled adventure!  


  1. Oh how I wish we could pick peaches, how fun!

  2. No peaches in Canada, my friend?! Just one more reason ya'll need to come visit!